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Are you prepared for a deadly pandemic?

If the news announced tomorrow that a pandemic had begun and that your area, in particular, was at risk, would you be prepared?

During the Ebola scare of 2014, we learned one thing:

We’re not ready for this.

Even seasoned preppers had to stock up on items they hadn’t considered before, like protective clothing and specific medical supplies. But since then, we’ve learned a lot about just how quickly these things can happen and how utterly devastating they can be.

Get Prepared Now

Here’s what you need to know to survive.

In the Pandemic Preparedness Intensive, you will learn about the necessary supplies, as well as the information you need to keep your family safe and healthy, and, if someone is infected, you’ll learn how to isolate them and care for them in hopes of the best possible outcome. You will learn how (and when) to lock down in the event of a pandemic.

This course will prepare you for not only the possibility of a naturally-occurring pandemic but also for certain biological attacks.

This is what you get in the Pandemic Preparedness Intensive

  • Step-by-step guides to help react quickly and efficiently to a variety of scenarios
  • Shopping lists with the necessary supplies (You probably already have many of these things!)
  • Downloads so that you can keep references close at hand
  • Hours of informative recorded classes with common-sense advice
  • Interviews with experts for even more detailed information

Get the Pandemic Preparedness Intensive NOW

Be ready, just in case.

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