Are You Prepared for a Nuclear Attack?

If you spend time on the internet these days, you can’t go anywhere without seeing talk about a nuclear attack.

It’s frightening. And it should be.

Since there’s never been a nuclear attack on American soil, no one really knows what to expect. Scenes from post-apocalyptic movies are running through our heads. People are imagining their children dying of radiation poisoning, which is a brutal and horrific death. We’re desperate to protect the ones we love.

But many of people have told us something even scarier than all of those Armageddon-style nightmares:

“I hope I go in the initial blast because I don’t want to be around in the aftermath.”

This assumes that a nuclear strike is unsurvivable. That the world will become a barren wasteland, unfit for human life. That there is no option but to die of radiation poisoning in the short term or excruciating cancer/starvation/deprivation in the long term.

This is absolutely incorrect.

 If you aren’t at Ground Zero, you can survive without ill effects IF you know what to do.

The type of nukes that are in the news right now will not destroy the entire country. They’ll devastate a particular geographic area, but the outlying areas will not be vaporized. There isn’t going to be a global nuclear winter.

Few people know very little about nuclear weapons, other than they are something to be feared. However, the more knowledge you have of nuclear explosions, whether from a warhead or a suitcase nuke, the better equipped you will be if this worst case scenario ever happens. You’ll be among the few who are prepared and know just what to do to stay alive and protect your loved ones.

In fact, preparing for an event like this is more important than ever if your kids and grandkids are depending on you.

Here’s what you must know to survive a nuclear attack.

If you really want to know how to survive a nuclear explosion, our newest class will provide you with thorough, in-depth facts. We spent months researching, gathering materials, and interviewing one of the foremost experts on the topic, (Ret.) Army Chemical Officer David L. Jones.

We turned all of this information into a new class that can be yours for only $29.

I want to learn everything I can about Nuclear Survival


The Nuclear Preparedness Intensive

We assembled all of our information in a thorough class that includes:

  • Downloadable written guides
  • US government advisories
  • Military survival information
  • Hours of recorded interviews
  • Checklists of necessary supplies (You probably already have most of these things on hand – you just need to organize them.)

A 90-minute recorded class taught by David L. Jones, a 24 year Army veteran and retired Army Chemical Officer. Recognized as an expert in the field of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), David was recalled to active duty following 9/11, and spent the next 22 months traveling around the world conducting vulnerability assessments of U.S. interests. He is now an emergency management specialist, working for the federal government in a secure facility near Washington D.C.


Our bonus webinar with Dr. Joe Alton M.D. confronts the health and medical issues related with nuclear events, radiation sickness, in particular. Listen to Dr. Joe’s best advice and his list of what should absolutely be part of your medical kit.

The Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford, chimes in with reassuring informaton about how to take practical steps to protect your electronics and important facts about the electromagnetic pulse, one of the immediate effects from a nuclear explosion.


Here’s what our students are saying:

The Nuclear Readiness class really helped alleviate a lot of fear. There seems to be a lot of misinformation about nuclear dangers, thank you for the experts and education you have provided!

With countries like North Korea in the news nearly every day, nuclear disaster seems more possible than ever. I use to be one of those people who stated, “I would never want to live through such a disaster”. After listening to the Nuclear Disaster webinar presented by Major David L. Jones, I am more comforted than ever that this could be a survivable situation. This 90 minute course provided extensive education. I am now aware that in the event of a ground detonation;

I am now aware that in the event of a ground detonation; damage would be limited to specific areas, fallout is just “dirt” and the radiation from such, quickly deteriorates and I would have warning of fallout, by simply observing weather patterns. While this is still a complex subject, Major Jones simplified it and offered a plan of action.

Much like many other emergencies that have been reviewed at Preppers University, or on the blogs of The Survival Mom and Organic Prepper site, “prepared not scared” can now become a mantra for yet another crisis. Thank you to these experts for making all of the classes and education so readily accessible.

This is serious information for a serious situation.

If you want to survive, there are steps you must take before, during, and after a strike.

We’ll provide you with those steps. You will learn to:

  • Make the best decision to either escape to another location or hunker down
  • Devise a practical plan that will work in your specific circumstances, whether you are in a city apartment or a country farm
  • Create safe place to shelter during the period of fall-out, no matter where you live
  • Decontaminate a person who has been exposed to fall-out
  • Have the supplies on hand that you need instead of fighting it out at the store with the desperate, unprepared masses
  • Organize those supplies so they are immediately available when you need them
  • Judge when it’s safe to emerge from your shelter

You will receive instant access with your purchase and you can take the entire class from the comfort of your home with only your laptop. With knowledge comes peace.


PS: There’s a Money Back Guarantee

You have 30 days to review the course. If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the information you receive, let us know. We’ll give you back your money. In all the courses we’ve offered, no one has ever taken us up on this promise because they were unhappy with the information.


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