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Just some of our learning modules…

  • 8 week prepping intensive
  • 6 week advance prepping intensive

Water and Sanitation 

Water preparedness is about a whole lot more then just drinking. It's also about keeping your family healthy through good sanitation practices. During this module, you'll learn everything you'd ever want to know about water storage and purification.

Food Storage

Food storage is part of the foundation of survival. This learning module walks you through the basics of food storage, including specific advice for developing a well-balanced food storage pantry. 

Power Outage Readiness

Get ready for short-term power losses and learn about the potential threats to our country's power grid and the best ways to prepare for and survive that worst case scenario.

Survival Away From Home

During this module, learn everything necessary to plan for an emergency evacuation, when to stay put and when to get out of Dodge, and how to prepare so that every family member knows what to expect and what to do.

Natural Disaster Prep & Survival

Tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and more...get prepared for these events with expert advice and practical tips. 

Health & Fitness for Survival

All the expensive preps and gear in the world can't insure your survival if your health and fitness levels are dangerously low. This module  features information about herbal and natural remedies and building a healthy food storage pantry.

Set Up Your Survival Retreat

Although you may aspire to a fully outfitted rural retreat, the truth is that most of us will end up surviving right where we are. Learn how to establish your own survival retreat, no matter where you live.

Finals Week

This week marks the end of our Prepping Intensive and it's time to put your preps to the test. Choose from one of four different drills (or try them all!) and learn where your weaknesses and strengths lie. Plus, we'll help you make a plan so you know where to go from here.

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