No more excuses!

No matter what level of preparedness you are at, Preppers University has a course for you. Whether you’re brand new to preparedness, have a few supplies put away, or are stocked up for a year, there are still supplies, skills, and knowledge to attain.

How prepared are you, really?

You’ll never know if you’re prepared enough until the S hits the fan, but we can help you prepare on two levels: the essential basics of family and personal survival and far more advanced survival for the long haul.

8 Week Prepping Intensive

This is the original Prepping Intensive. The course covers the essentials of preparedness. You want to make sure you have these bases covered well before taking our advanced class.

Food Storage

Water Preparedness

Power Outage Preparedness

Natural Disasters

Home Security

Personal Safety

Health and Fitness

Emergency Evacuation

Weekly Check-In

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6 Week Advanced Intensive

You’re prepped now and ready for most anything but a survival scenario can last months and even years. You now need to prepare for a long-term event.

Financial Independence

Surviving without Supplies

Food Sustainability

Long-term Water Solutions


The Survival Mindset

Survival Teams and Prepper Groups

DIY Projects

Permanent Relocation

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For the Price of a New Prepping Book Each Week, You Can Have Live Classes with Your Favorite Experts and Authors.

For $199, you get two instructional webinars each week with an array of experts most preppers dream of chatting with. The Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford, and Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper, teach additional classes and are available to you via the forums and a secret Facebook group.

This time around, here is just a part of our line-up of experts:

  • Brandon Smith talks about barter economy
  • Tammy Trayer talks about off-grid living
  • Merriweather talks about foraging 
  • Dr. Arthur T. Bradley talks about EMP survival
  • Selco talks about survival in war-torn Bosnia & gives a realistic picture of living through a civil war
  • FerFal (Fernando Aguirre) talks about surviving the collapse of Argentina
  • Toby Cowern, an Arctic survival expert, tells how to have the survival mindset.
  • Cherie Norton, NRA instructor, talks about situational awareness and personal safety
  • Jim Cobb talks about hardening the security of your home
  • A. American talks about surviving long-term scenarios
  • Cat Ellis talks about herbalism and medical preparedness
  • Lisa Egan, a personal trainer, talks about the importance of fitness as a prep
  • Patrice Lewis tells the truth about the rural lifestyle and survival homesteads.

There is no other way to interact with experts like these and have your questions answered, in person! Preppers University offers this unique experience to our students.

You can get started today for only $75 down.

It’s easier than ever to get started. Pay only $75 to reserve your space and then make two equal payments of $75 every two weeks for the balance. You CAN afford to take a Prepping Intensive. We make it simple with our payment plan.

Creating a customized plan with expert advice will keep you from making costly mistakes with your preps. Now more than ever it’s essential to make every expenditure count.

Easy Payment Plan for the Prepping Intensive
Easy Payment Plan for the Advanced Prepping Intensive


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