How prepared are you?

No matter what level of preparedness you are at, Preppers University has a course for you. Whether you’re brand new to preparedness, have a few supplies put away, or are stocked up for a year, there are still supplies, skills, and knowledge to attain.


We offer two different courses to help you get prepared.

8 Week Prepping Intensive

This is the original Prepping Intensive. The course covers the basics of preparedness, including topics like:

Food Storage

Water Preparedness

Power Outage Preparedness

Natural Disasters

Home Security

Personal Safety

Health and Fitness

Emergency Evacuation

Weekly Check-Ins

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6 Week Advanced Intensive

This course assumes that you have the basics of preparedness in place.  The advanced class includes topics like:

Financial Independence

Surviving without Supplies

Food Sustainability

Long-term Water Solutions


Tactical Defense

Survival Teams

DIY Projects

Permanent Relocation

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Here’s why you need to take a Prepping Intensive course.

You may be wondering, “How is a Prepping Intensive different from the information I can get for free online? Why should I pay $139?”

If you’ve been prepping for very long, it’s likely you have spent far more than $139 on prepping and survival books by one author or another — but those books are only as good as the actual actions you take and all too often, the books assume a “one size fits all” approach to survival.

If your survival book collection had all the answers you’ve been looking for and you were completely prepped for anything, you wouldn’t be reading this page!

Register NOW to take your prepping to the next level!

For the Price of a New Prepping Book Each Week, You Can Have Live Classes with Your Favorite Experts and Bloggers.

At $139, you get at least two instructional webinars each week with an array of experts most preppers dream of chatting with. The Survival Mom, Lisa Bedford, and Daisy Luther, The Organic Prepper, teach additional training webinars and are available to you via the forums and a secret Facebook group.

$139 includes access to everything mentioned above. Every single bit of that information is included in the price – there are no surprises. (Except the good kind, where we give you more stuff than you thought you were getting!)

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You can get started today for only $30 down.

It’s easier than ever to get started. Pay only $30 to reserve your space and then make two easy payments for the balance. You CAN afford to take a Prepping Intensive. We make it simple with our payment plan.

Creating a customized plan with expert advice will keep you from making costly mistakes with your preps. Now more than ever it’s essential to make every expenditure count.

I want to be prepared. SIGN ME UP.


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