​How To Prepare For the Nightmare of a Nuclear Event

You can be the person who doesn't panic!

If you ever receive a message like the one, "duck and cover" isn't going to save your life!

On January 13, 2018, over a million residents of Hawaii received ​that exact message.

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Most panicked, but some, a very few, knew exactly how to respond, where to go, and who to contact. 


Because they had taken time to learn about nuclear threats, what to fear, what not to fear, and how to prepare and respond.

Ultimately, after 38 excruciating minutes, the alarm was declared false, leaving families shaken and wondering, "What if it HAD been real?"

​The Good News is There's no need to fear a nuclear event IF you know how to plan and prepare! Let me teach you how!

Even without extensive military or survivalist training, everyday people like you and me can face an event like this. We can know how to prepare, how to sort fact from fiction, where to go, and how to survive the long haul. You can prepare your home and lead your family to safety in the case of a nuclear event near you.

The problem is, where do you get reliable information that is down to earth and not simply scare tactics? Who can you trust? With all the chatter and clutter on the internet, it's hard to sort through the good, the bad, and the downright terrible advice to prepare for something as scary as a nuclear event.

Hi!  I'm Lisa - The Survival Mom and Founder of Preppers University.

Like most moms, I have been busy raising kids, helping with schoolwork, keeping the house somewhat organized, and planning dinners and birthday parties. Preparing for a worst-case scenario like a nuclear event was nowhere on my radar, and I certainly didn't have an extra $10,000 for a backyard bunker!

But then, I realized that my family was as vulnerable as the least prepared person during Hurricane Katrina or the hopeless families on the beaches of Phuket when the great Indonesian Tsunami of 2004 hit. Whether the crisis was a hurricane, tsunami, a house fire, or even a nuclear event, I realized I had no choice as a mom but to prepare.

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Lisa Bedford - Survival Mom

News stories of suitcase nukes, North Korean missile launches, and the nuclear capabilities of nations around the globe (9 countries have over 15,000 nuclear weapons, just in case you were wondering) had me worried.

With a lot of research and tracking down experts, I learned how to prepare my home, set up a safe room, equip my vehicles (what mom doesn't spend half her life in the car, right?), and assemble a radiation medical kit.

I now know my home and family is equipped to survive.

If you're like ​I was, you're probably wondering:

  • Is it possible to actually survive a nuclear event, like a dirty bomb or a nuclear blast?
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    Do I really need a bunker to survive?
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    What causes most deaths and injuries in a nuclear event? (The answer will surprise you!)
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    How can I protect myself from radiation?
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    What do I need in a medical kit to treat radiation?
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    What is fallout and how do I protect my family from it?
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    How long do we need to shelter in place?

​More Good News: A nuclear event is entirely survivable, and it's possible to prepare on a budget!

After I had covered the basics of emergency preparedness, things like water and food storage, stocking up on solar-powered batteries, and building a survival kit for my vehicles, I knew I wanted to be ready for something worse, just in case.

As I researched how to survive a nuclear event, like a suitcase bomb or an all-out nuclear war, I became acquainted with David L. Jones, a retired Army Major who specialized in WMD, Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Major Jones' depth of knowledge reassured me that it is possible to survive a nuclear event.  

​My next set of questions had to do with health -- using potassium iodide for thyroid protection, dealing with radioactive fallout, and learning more about radiation poisoning. This time, my friend, Dr. Joe Alton M.D., came to the rescue and shared his knowledge and practical advice.

With Dr Alton's knowledge I was able to assemble a a medical kit suited for nuclear health issues.

I'm now sharing those interviews - AND MORE - with you as part of an online ecourse called The Nuclear Survival Intensive.

You, too, can learn directly from these experts and begin putting your own plans in place. There really is no need to panic if an "Incoming missile alert" should ever shatter the peace and routine of your everyday life.

​The Nuclear Survival Intensive will prepare you for this worst case scenario.

You can be the person who doesn't panic!

If the Hawaiian missile launch taught me anything, it's that I never want to be that person -- the person who curls up and waits to die, the one who sits at home awaiting to be rescued by "the officials", or the one who runs screaming down the street, unable to cope.

What would happen to my children if I completely lost it?

My Nuclear Survival Intensive is designed to help you not be that person, either! You'll learn:

  • What you'll need in order to shelter in place until the danger has passed
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    The true likelihood of an all-out nuclear war
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    What to teach your kids and grand-kids so they can survive such an event
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    ​What fallout really is (This surprises most people.)
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    How to protect yourself and your kids if you believe you have been contaminated by fallout

Exactly what does this course include?

This self-paced class has enough resources to prepare you and your family for a worst case scenario. You receive:

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    Recorded class with (Ret.) Major David L. Jones. Learn about different types of nuclear weapons, the truth about suitcase bombs and fallout, and what it takes to protect yourself.
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    Recorded class with Dr. Joe Alton M.D. He'll teach you about the health hazards associated with nuclear events and what your medical kit should contain.
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    Recorded class with me, The Survival Mom, LIsa Bedford. A nuclear blast will destroy electronic devices, including computers, and even things like LED flashlights. I'll teach you how to protect those important electronics, which will help improve your chances of survival.
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    Printable checklists of everything you want to have on hand before a nuclear event. (The good news is that nearly everything on this list will apply to all other disasters, too. A budget-friendly bonus!)
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    5 downloadable ebooks to store on your electronic devices and even print out hard copies
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    "How to use potassium iodide after a nuclear emergency" printable
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    Nuclear Prep Medical Supplies, printable checklist
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    Instructions for creating 3 simple Faraday containers to protect your electronics
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    BONUS: Membership in an exclusive, closed Facebook group where you can get your questions answered and network with other class members.

"After listening to the Nuclear Disaster webinar presented by Major David L. Jones, I am more comforted than ever that this could be a survivable situation. His 90 minute class provided extensive education. I am now aware that in the event of a ground detonation my family and I could survive. That's empowering!"


"I thought it was incredibly informative, especially about fallout and winds. I'm very glad I took the time to listen, and take notes."


Here's my personal guarantee

Work through this class within 60 days of purchase, and if you aren't satisfied that it contains information that will help your family, I will refund your money, no questions asked. 

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