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Preppers University is a great place to earn affiliate income by promoting our courses with some of the top experts in the survival and preparedness fields. Just a few of our instructors have been:

  • Dr. Arthur T. Bradley, EMP expert
  • Daisy Luther, author and owner of The Organic Prepper blog
  • Lisa Bedford, author and editor of The Survival Mom blog
  • Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog
  • Author, A American
  • Fernando Aguirre (FerFAL)
  • Rick Austin and Survivor Jane
  • Selco
  • and many, many more.

When you sell our courses to your fans, they get to interact personally, in a small group, with these experts. That, alone, is well worth the course fee of $199, and your commission is $50 per sale of the Prepping Intensive and the Advanced Intensive courses.

When classes begin, students receive weekly assignments and challenges, 2-3 live webinars per week, access to an exclusive Facebook group with Lisa Bedford and Daisy Luther, printables, shopping lists, and bonus ebooks. Along with all this training and information, though, they get something no other book, website, or online forum offers — accountability and personal help with their prepping.

We offer 2 courses that you can begin selling immediately once your affiliate sign-up is complete. These classes begin on Sunday, September 3, so promoting this to your readers and fans now is important.

PREPPING INTENSIVE: This is 8 weeks long and includes 24 live webinars. All the basics of prepping are covered: water, sanitation, food storage, prepping for natural disasters, health and fitness for survival, creating a survival retreat no matter where you are, and prepping for longterm power outages. This course is the best bargain — students are paying a little over $8 to have the chance to chat with experts and authors like Jim Cobb, foraging expert and author Merriwether, and Fernando Aguirre (FerFAL).

ADVANCED INTENSIVE: This course is 6 weeks long and delves far more deeply into preparedness with topics that include setting up a bartering system, strategizing to earn extra money in order to exit the economy, surviving in a war-torn country, the realities of a survival homestead, and even moving out of the USA. We offered this course last session and it was overwhelmingly popular. It has a few different features, such as DIY projects aligned with each module’s topic, “You Are There” survival scenarios, and a few exclusive, recorded classes in addition to the webinars.

You can learn more about each course at this link.

And then there are bonuses!

  • Sell just one course and sign up for your choice of courses for free, or offer it as a giveaway prize!
  • Sell 5 courses and you can take both, free or, again, offer them in giveaways to your readers and fans.
  • Sell 10 courses and you get a $100 bonus added to your commission check.

Sell recorded classes, too, for 50% commission! (Begin selling September 12)

Not everyone is interested in a multi-week class no matter how awesome the speakers and benefits, so we’ve created 2 recorded classes at a lower price point but that dig deeply into 2 very high-interest topics: nuclear survival and civil unrest. You can read about the classes here and grab a couple of ad graphics at the same time.

The beauty of these 2 classes, both priced at $29, is that they can be sold at any time, year-round. Because the topics continue to be in the news, you can mention them when those topics hit the headlines in a big way. They have both been very good sellers for us.


Start spreading the word that Preppers University offers something unique when it comes to prepping and survival. Your readers and fans will thank you.

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