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Preppers University is a great place to earn affiliate income by promoting our courses with some of the top experts in the survival and preparedness fields. Just a few of our instructors have been:

  • Dr. Arthur T. Bradley, EMP expert
  • Lisa Bedford, author and editor of The Survival Mom blog, owner of Preppers University
  • Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog
  • Author, A American
  • Fernando Aguirre (FerFAL)
  • Rick Austin and Survivor Jane
  • Prepper expert and author, Jim Cobb
  • Selco
  • and many, many more.

At the moment, our live classes are on hiatus because, behind the scenes, all-new, budget-friendly courses are being created. These classes will be available as individual components and as part of larger class bundles that come with a discount.

This is an exciting move for us because no longer will interested students have to wait until the next offering of live classes, but can begin learning immediately after purchase and on their own schedule.

The launch of these new courses is scheduled for early January, just in time for New Year's Resolutions season! You will be able to offer your fans and readers these new classes, coupon codes, and will be eligible for bonuses yourself.

Will live classes resume? We are looking at offering live classes once again in Spring 2018 and will keep you informed.

Sell recorded classes, too, for 50% commission!

In the meantime, feel free to sell our 3 recorded classes that dig deeply into very high-interest topics: nuclear survival, pandemic preparedness, and civil unrest. You can read about the classes here and grab a couple of ad graphics at the same time.

The beauty of these 3 classes, priced at $29, is that they can be sold at any time, year-round. Because the topics continue to be in the news, you can mention them when those topics hit the headlines in a big way. They have been very good sellers for us.

Start spreading the word that Preppers University offers something unique when it comes to prepping and survival. Your readers and fans will thank you.

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