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Currently, we offer 3 online, recorded courses that delve deeply into topics that continue to be in the news: nuclear warfare, pandemics, and civil unrest. These classes offer hours of recorded webinar instruction with additional printables and downloads. They are a lower priced option to the live courses and can be accessed 24 hours/day with lifetime access. Once purchased, students will be instructed to set up an account at Preppers University in order to log in and access the class. From that point, they have access to the class immediately and indefinitely.

These classes can be sold year-round, but we suggest keeping an eye on the news for when the topics will be most timely. You can right-click and save the graphics below to use in advertising, blog posts, and social media. We’ve written a few social media swipes for you here.

Nuclear Survival Intensive

For this class, we brought in (Ret.) Army Major David L Jones, a specialist in the areas of nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare. Major Jones has been interviewed by The Blaze and has been a speaker at prepper expos as well. You can learn about him on his website, WMDProtection.

This class includes a 90 minute webinar with Major Jones and 2 shorter webinars. Lisa Bedford teaches the finer points of Faraday containers in a 20-minute webinar, and Dr. Joe Alton, M.D., teaches how to identify, treat, and survive radiation sickness.

When students finish this course, they will understand what fallout is and whether or not it’s to be feared, the best places to hunker down in the case of a nuclear event, what medical supplies to have on hand that are specific to nuclear survival, and much more. This class is $29, and affiliates receive 50% commission for each sale.


Civil Unrest Intensive

Unfortunately, mobs and violent riots have become a common occurrence across the country. Whether the rage is focused at statues and monuments, political events, or simply rage for the sake of rage, civil unrest is on the minds of millions.

This class addresses civil unrest with 4 recorded webinars taught by Lisa and Daisy and provides in-depth instruction from how to identify when a group of people might become a mob to mob psychology, how to dress if you must be in an area with a protest going on, and how to get out of a mob if you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time.

In addition to these 4 webinars, students receive a 300+ page anthology of resources to provide even more information about surviving civil unrest. This class is $29, and affiliates receive 50% commission for each sale.


Pandemic Preparedness Intensive



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