Social Media Swipes for Preppers University Affiliates

Plug these into Twitter and Facebook to expand your marketing reach. Be sure to add your affiliate link so you get paid! Change the wording of these a little to reflect your own personality, or use them as a jumping off point for something completely different.



General Tweets

If you’re worried about the things going on right now, you need to get prepped. Here’s how. [affiliate link] #preppersu #preppertalk

Want to get prepped for a worst case scenario but don’t now where to start? Start with this class.  [affiliate link] #preppersu #preppertalk

I no longer worry about worst case scenarios. I took a Preppers University class.  [affiliate link] #preppersu #preppertalk

Civil Unrest Intensive

Riots and violence got you worried? Learn the warning signs, how to get out of a mob, and mob psychology. [affiliate link] #preppers

How does a peaceful protest become a mob? Learn about mob psychology in this online class. [affiliate link]

If certain hashtags are trending, you could also use those, such as #Antifa, #Berkeley, #ebola, #NorthKorea etc. 

Nuclear Survival Intensive

Nukes are in the news again. This online class teaches what you need to know to #survive. [affiliate link] #preppertalk

Nuclear Survival. Can you prepare for it? Can you survive? Learn more here, [affiliate link] #preppertalk

Survival Begins With Water

Are you ready to survive a boil notice? This class helped me know how to protect my family from tainted water. [affiliate link] #preppertalk

Do you know how to protect your family from contaminated water? This class has all the info you’ll need. [affiliate link] #preppertalk

The Top 10 Foods to Store

Storing food for emergencies is smart — and confusing!!  This online class takes all the mystery out of it and gives you a simple blueprint to follow. [affiliate link]

Stop buying “survival food” and start stocking up on food that’s less expensive and more versatile. This class teaches you how. [affiliate link]


Facebook swipes for Prepping Intensive

The best engagement comes when you can get people talking about a topic. When posting about the courses, try to get people discussing the topic. This can increase their feeling of urgency, too, because it really makes them think about the importance of being prepared.

Alternatively, tie it to current events. Make a post discussing some prevalent occurrence and then point people toward the course.

Did you see how violent the protests became in [name of city] this weekend? If you had to hunker down due to civil unrest right this minute, with no trips to the store, how long could you and your family lock down? Go here to get prepped for events like this. [affiliate link]


This [name of illness] virus has me a little worried. It reminds me of the almost-pandemic when the guy in Texas had Ebola. If a terrible pandemic occurred, would you be prepared to go into isolation with your family? This class that I took is a great way to learn how to be prepped for any type of emergency. [affiliate link]


Have you ever taken an actual class to learn more about survival? I took ________ from Preppers University and here’s what I learned…


What worst case scenario are you most worried about? For me, it would probably be _______________. I took the ___________ class from Preppers University because I wanted to learn more about it. I was amazed to find that the information didn’t scare me even more but actually was reassuring and empowering. In the case of that type of disaster, here’s what I know to do…   The class is just $XX with lifetime access.


Preppers aren’t the only ones who need to stock up on food for emergencies. I have my own food storage pantry and you should, too. This class from Preppers University, “The Top 10 Foods to Store”, helped me plan my emergency food stash with foods that are versatile and inexpensive.

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